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I'm no Ordinary Kitty!

Just king of the feline world!

^v^vMr. Joe D. the king of Kitties!v^v^
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Date Created:2003-10-10
Number of Posts: 37

Hi! I'm Joe D. I have to say, I have the best parents in the world. They saved me from a life with no family, food, shelter or love. I was found on the street by a lovely lady and my parents adopted me from her! I miss her and her other two kitty cats, but I know my place was to be here with raverqueenage (my mommy) and chewy_aka_dave (my daddy).
I was adopted! Have you adopted a loving pet today?
Strengths: Loving, fiesty, very easy to please...when played with 24/7.
Weaknesses: I can't get enough of those squishy colorful balls mommy and daddy throw for me to fetch. They absolutely rock! Oh and stringy things...I love them!
Special Skills: Meowing my way to anything I want. If I meow they serve me! I love it!
*evil grin...*
Weapons: My claws and sharp teeth. I think I hurt mommy sometimes, but I can't help how strong I am!
Cats are gods!: Bow before me you little human!

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Here is my girlfriend, sukicat...
She is soooo beautiful isn't she!

Her mommy helped her make this for me....

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