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Hey it's yours truly...

I'm bored.

Jak is annoying.

Mom is not here so thats good. I can have daddy all to myself.

......get's bumped off the chair...

Yo, Jak here.
Joe is dumb. I'm not annoying! And I'm super sad mommy isn't here. Who's going to rub my belly and give me treats and tickle my chin and scratch that extra sensitive spot on my butt? Daddy doesn't do it right.

I played with George for a little bit. I guess I was that bored I had to find SOMETHING to play with. Joe just lays there and is super laz.........
.....get's smacked in the butt....

"Ok seriously, I'm going to beat your butt Jak if you touch my computer again!
DAAAADDYY, your pathetic excuse for a son is talking crap about me!!!!!!!!!!"

"No I'm not, Joe!!! I'm just telling the truth! Mommy told me to never lie!"

"You waiste of oxygen, Jak! Don't you know some things are better left unsaid unless you want a fat lip!?"

"Fat lip? Look at you, yours is already fat and I didn't even hit it yet!"

"Oh thats it......grrowlelshdgonh oqhlqkam;  'qlq....get off me you daddys boy..,.NBNL/NHFGKMH,."


daddy has now stepped in between the psychos and sent them to their dooms...erm, sides of the couch.

sniff sniff

I have a big nose huh?

Don't you love it?

Mom's tattoo

Haha, it is I, Jak!

I am sneaking some computer time from Joe cause he is sleeping. And what do I want to talk about? The most dearest thing to my heart....my mommy!

She wants to get another tattoo. I'm not sure what that is, but she says they hurt. If it hurts, then why get it? She told me it's worth it. She said this one will be to always remember Dottie, out sister ferret who went over the rainbow bridge not too long ago.

Here is the drawing she came up with (she didn't draw the ferret, but did add the letters...)
Dottie tattoo

I think it looks just like Dottie.

I was able to sleep next to Joe last night on his favorite spot on the cat bed (sectional sofa). I was just as shocked as mommy and dad. They kept saying "awwwwwww, how cuuuute" which kept waking me up. It was annoying. Not sure what was cute about it. We were just sleeping butt to butt. What can I say, his fluff is comfy and warm. I wish we could snuggle more but he will just try and groom me to death. Mommy squishes me enough as it is, I don't need cat breath added to it. Ugh, gross.

Mommy let me help her clean the bathroom last night. The cleaner stunk. She kept coughing when cleaning the bottom of the white water dish that makes a swooshing sound when you touch the silver handle. Guess the funky fumes from the cleaner were bothering her. I was smart enough to finally leave. I think she missed me though. It looks good in there though. I have the whole counter to roll on if I want cause she moved her makeup bags. Also she upgraded my water glass to...well, a GLASS. No more plastic cup for me. I'm a BIG boy now :) And it has a wider opening so my WHOLE face fits inside. Thats always nice.

Daddy did a LOT of cleaning and moved a ton of mommy's junk around yesterday. He was a busy guy. I slept a lot so I only saw a little of what he was doing but mommy was impressed when she got home. She told me she has a new sewing area where she will make me and Joe some capes and t-shirts. I'm excited for the capes...duh duh duh duuuun! But t-shirts....um, no. That's Joe's thing. He is such a prissy boy.

I'm not sure what else I can talk about right now and I think Joe is waking up. If he catches me on the computer he will tell mommy on me and she will have to be forced to put a shirt on me as punishment.

Gotta go! Oh but here is a pic of yours truly to admire:

And me and Joe just for kicks:
Jak and Joe

Wow, it's been a long time!

So how are all my good friends doing? It's been quite a while since mom and dad let me use the computer. Not sure why it took so long, I didn't do anything wrong, did I?

Anyway, things are good. My brother, Jak, is still a pain in the rear! I've grown to love him though. He is fun to play with and groom I guess. Sometimes he doesn't know when to leave me alone and I have to give him the smack down..oh yeah, go me!

My sister, Dottie, the ferret, went over the rainbow bridge on this day called Halloween, last year. I miss my little sis. She understood me. She let me groom her and carry her around the apartment. She used to steal my toys and I didn't even mind. I hope I get to see her again one day. We still have her brothers, Spencer and George, but they are mean and bite my ankles. It hurts a lot. They aren't gentle like Dottie was.

Mom and dad got a really nice cat bed for us. They call it a sectional sofa......I just call it comfy! I have my favorite spot on one of the back cushions against the wall. It's super squishy. I have happy dreams up there. Jak tries to steal my spot all the time. I "allow him the honor" to sleep there once in a while. Just so I don't get in trouble. :\

We have a new diet too. All natural, organic stuff. I guess it's ok. I feel pretty good inside so I guess they know what they are doing. I don't even beg for food anymore.....haha, I'm so joking! I'm even worse now. I attacked daddy for some cheetos the other day. I can win him over sooo easy. I get french fries all the time and chips and whatever else strikes my taste buds. Mom is not so easy. I have to really try hard with her. She calls me fat boy....I'm NOT FAT WOMAN!!! Sheesh! I'm fluffy.

Well, I guess I should post some photos for you all.
I will put them under a cut thingy so I don't mess up your friend's page....even though it shouldn't be a bother since I'm god of kitties and you all should deal with whatever I want to do..... >:)

Click here....now!Collapse )

Thats all for now. I will post more another time. Right now I need to investigate whats going on with daddy. Maybe he will sneak me some people food while mom is at work!

Much love to my servants......erm, I mean friends :P
ew it's me and my siblings....

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh my goodness where have I been....

Mommy hasn't let me update it ages! Lituraly. I hit a birthday and all and still no post. Things are doing good though. The little Brat Dottie (the ferret thing) is actualy not realy a brat. She's cute. I play with ehr a lot now. Maybe cause she knows I'm boss and stopped biting my toes.

Jak is crazy as all hell. Poor thing is off his rocker for sure. There he goes, cleaning inbetween his nasty toes. He stinks but yet is the one mommy cuddles with in bed in the mornings. I would cuddle too but I am too busy looking for my morning birdies. Yes I said birdies and thats ok cause thats what they are right? Well, when one shows up on the balcony and I dont' know it mommy will let me know by saying, "Joe Joe, look at the birdies..." I come a running. I love watchign them. They are so ugly it makes me look that much better. There are some little ones that mommy and daddy like though. They're ok I guess. Brown and gold twirps.

Mommy has a few new fish too. I havn't investigated them much though cause I'm not a fish person. I don't even like fishy flavoured food. She calls them angel fish. They dont' look like angels to me. They are small and flat and look like one of my toys. There are other fishes but whatever. They are only fish.

Mommy has been gone a lot lately too. She tells me it's a new job. Working at another pet store. I wish she would work somewhere else. I dont' like smelling other pets and fish on her. I don't even cuddle her when she gets home till she changes cause of the stinky fishy smell.

Anyways, I am being yelled at to look at the birdies. Cya!

......oh yeah, and Suki hunny, I love you bunches, and could you have your mommy email my mommy your number. Whatever that is. chewyandme@hotmail.com I think it has to do with the phone thing. Tell the siblings hi for me too!
we are getting a ferret. What the hell is a ferret? Mom tried showing me pictures and stuff but it wasn't helping. They kinda look like long ugly cats. But I want ot see one in person NOW! Not when you feel like bringing her home, NOW! I'm getting impatient with the parents. They keep fussing over her and mom keeps buying things for her and not for me. The most she got for us is wet food. Wow, how nice is that.

I better like this thing when it comes home. I hear she is very fiesty and jumps alot. I know Jak will be pleased to have someone to rough house with but I just want to cuddle. Maybe I will train her to obey me. Think it could work?

Things are good around here. It's been colder lately. Mom and dad keep "trying" to keep the house clean. It's funny. One day it will be spotless, the next...not so much. Mom moved the cat tree to the dinning room. I like it there because I can jump on it better. I have a window ledge I can use. My poor back feet will only let me jump so far. Plus it's quieter there and I can see out the window in peace. It was in front of the slider but I had no way up unless momma or dad put me there. Plus it would hit the glass too hard when Jak jumped on it. So now the livingroom is very open and nice. I like to lay in teh middle of the floor so everyone can walk over me. I won't move for the world....ok maybe for my girl Suki, but thats about it. Or for treats.

Daddy is very loving to us boys now too. I guess cause he figures once the little girl comes all their time will be for her. Mommy tries to be cuddly but because she works nights all I have s the morning time with her...and thats when I am sleeping.

Ok, I need to pee so I will see you all later.

love you Suki and family!
Listen up friends!!!!

Ok, mommy is on this mission to get as many photos of my friends as she can. So far I have gotten two lovely poses from my boy Fin, but she needs more. She is putting together this awesome scrapbook of all my bestest buddies! We have a few from Mr Guster but she has to find the x-mas card they came in.

Here's the deal, if you can mail her at least two photos of you and/or all the animals in the house that would be awesome. Each page of the book will have a special spot for each and everyone of you...even the dogs!!! And the hermet crabs, and horses and whom ever else is in my list. She will look at the photos and if there is no comments on the back telling what was going on in the photo she will make something up! I can't wait for her to get started...this will be so fun!

no larger then 5x7
no smaller then 3x5

Can be in color or black and white...doesn't matter.
Can be professional or on the spot action...doesn't matter.

write on the back or on another sheet of paper the following:
Name of animal/s
Brief story about picture, if you can even remember :)

If you want your photos back, just leave an extra stamp and mommy will just make a copy of the photo. She will send a little letter with a pic of me as well as your original and a thank you card!!! Maybe even a treat or two for the kids!

Only reason she doesn't want emailed ones is because the printer sucks and the pics would be ugly.
If this is something you would love to do then by all means start mailing....
to get the address (if you don't have it already) email her at:

I really hope we can do this and to stay on the topic of photos, here you go!!!

Nov. 17th, 2004

You are a Random cat! Also known as an alley cat
or a mutt. You aren't given to high-falutin'
ways, but you're accessible and popular.
People love you for who you are, not what you

What breed of cat are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

What!!! I thought I was a ragdoll................MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov. 17th, 2004

Mommy has been working a lot lately and I miss her. I get daddy every night when he gets home but then mommy runs off to work. Well, she leaves before daddy comes home so I am the boss of the house till then, but I miss her and how she use to play with me all the time.

We have more pets...mommy has two fish tanks now and they stink....I hate the smell of fish. Jak likes them though. He tries to drink the water. I try and tell him thats its no good but he doesn't listen to anyone but mommy. He is such a mommy's boy.

Daddy told me the car is costing a lot of money. I wonder whats wrong with it. I don't understand what a distributor is, but i guess it's expencive. Thats means no more goodies or treats for me and Jak for a while. And no more toys, but thats ok, I like to attack Jak when he turns the corner.

I miss my little girl, Suki!!!! And I wonder what happend to my new girl Q-Tip.....she doesn't say hi anymore. I hope she is ok.

Anyways, here are a couple pics. If you have seen them, sorry....